Green Mars has expertise in the following:
Specialty Areas
2D graphics, complex server-side workflows, data pipelines
HTML5, Javascript, CSS3, Python, Java, J2EE, PHP
Django, Flask, CakePHP, JQuery, Java Swing, AngularJS
Web servers
Apache, Gunicorn
MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
Google App Engine, Heroku, AWS (S3, EC2, CloudFormation, RDS, DynamoDB, SQS, CloudWatch, Glacier, SNS)

Dave Jackson, Development

Dave specializes in system architecture, full-stack web development, and data pipeline development. He has worked for Yahoo!, Oracle, NASA Ames Research Center, among others.

Michael Scheper, Design

Mik specializes in full-stack web development, with particular expertise in UX, i18n, accessibility, usability, and cross-browser compability. He has worked for Transport for New South Wales, Pisco Sin Fronteras, Okta, and PlayFirst, among others.

Alan Post, Information Systems

Alan specializes in Big data, data analysis, parallelization, workflow automation, exception handling, parsing, compilers, and translators. He has worked for Prediction Company, Qforma, and Electric Cloud, among others.

Andrew Rettek, Business Development

Andrew specializes in marketing and business development, finding product-market fit, online advertising, gathering and interpreting user satisfaction data, and user acquisition strategy. He has worked at CFAR, Simple Legal, Metamed, and Praxamed.